Grady Connection

The Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communications at the University of Georgia is one of the best-ranked journalism schools in the nation. And now, it has a top-notch source for all the comings and goings of the college’s students, faculty, alumni and donors: Grady Connection.


Grady Connection has come as part of the Grady College’s new-and-improved website, and as such reflects the visual themes of the main website: long landing pages, sans-serif font faces, rectangles, and, of course, the red-white-and-black color scheme. However, we made some subtle changes from the main site to make Grady Connection feel like a premium online magazine.

scroll2First, we ensured that Grady Connection sported a long landing page. Grady College has so much going on and so much to be proud of, from its study abroad programs to the Peabody Awards, and we wanted our landing page to reflect that. Second, we categorized our landing page into just two simple sections: Featured News and Recent Headlines. We feel that less can be more when it comes to online content. And, since Grady Connection already exists as a section within the Grady College’s website, we kept our categories to a minimum so as to prevent our users from getting lost in the content.

captureThird and fourth, we reduced the line length to about 60-75 characters, and increased the font size to 21 points. We implemented these changes with other premium online publishers like Medium in mind, since we recognized that those sites are popular for a reason. They display an intuitive readability, and we didn’t want shoot ourselves in the foot by failing to keep up with industry standards. Fifth, and along the same lines, we disperse an article’s content throughout its page so that a reader can easily keep track of their place in the text. This dispersal usually comes in the form of block quotes, but may also include photography and video.


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